Wellness Advocate

DoTERRA means "Gift of the Earth" and I believe that essential oils are just that - gifts. Whatever stage or situation you are in, and wherever you want to go, essential oils can support you and your family in life. And, I can support and guide you on your oily journey.

I believe that conventional, traditional medicine is ill-equipped to support people through grief and bereavement. There is little support for the emotional and mental turmoil that a person experiences throughout grief and bereavement. For me, essential oils have been a godsend.

I am the mother of two angels and I believe that oils offer a wonderful, comforting support through bereavement, grief, and life after. I want to provide the means and support to experience a natural, pure, alternative for people who are living life after loss.

I came to this role because I believe that essential oils can support us in life. They are extremely versatile and can be utilised for a number of different reasons. There are no side effects or addictive qualities to essential oils. Whether you want to feel refreshed, relaxed, uplifted, or cleansed, or you want a better sleep, essential oils are a lovely way of providing the means to do all those things.

With so many options, routes, and oils to chose from, you will not look back once you experience all that essential oils have to offer you and your family. Reach out. Ask for support.

Love and light,