What I do.

Support Services

I care greatly about helping families living with loss. I offer a supportive and understanding environment and absolute confidentiality.

I believe that a Rainbow Pregnancy can be happy and positive, given the right support and guidance. Clients learn ways to look forward while still remembering what has gone before.

The Hope

I provide hope in a number of ways - public speaking, writing, education and training, and research.

I want to talk about what life is really like after a loss. I want to provide information, resources, and a platform for honest and open discussion.

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What's On...

I believe that conventional medicine is ill-equipped to support people through grief and bereavement. There is little focus on the emotional and mental needs of someone experiencing loss.

I will be hosting a live class about how essential oils - a pure, natural alternative - can be used to support a person through grief, trauma, and bereavement.

For more information: http://bit.ly/2gb03bg


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Hope After Grief: Families Living With Loss